I and my team are feeling glad & lucky to announce that the seventh branch of MorangSunsari Welfare Society named as MOSU – KSA and it is established on 1st January 2020. We have successfully concluded the first General Assembly on 21st February 2020 and elected an energetic team for the tenure 2020-2022.

From the year 2001 to 2020, the MOSU movement has already conceded 2 decades. Therefore, MOSU is history, present and future for all of us in the field of social service and entrepreneurship. The road of this movement was not easy to reach to this level without proper guidance from all seniors, well-wishers and government and non-government authorities. Therefore, we would like to thank all for their great support towards this movement.

There is no actual date recorded when the Nepalese started coming Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a migrant worker, but in our history of Nepal-Saudi diplomatic relation has been established on 15 May 1977 then the embassy of Nepal was opened in 1978, we can just assume that by 1975’s Nepalese have started working in KSA. As I know that thousands of residents from Morang and Sunsari are working in Saudi Arabai in various locations and sectors. MorangSunsari Welfare Society will be in process to reach out to all to collect data for those who are from Morang Sunsari and working in KSA. Also, I would like to request all residents of Morang Sunsari to contact MOSU KSA as it will enable us to meet our target. 

As per the guidance of MOSU Nepal; we are in process to collect data of professionals working in Riyadh and will be conducting workshops in near future to identify professional capability as well as the expertise of everyone from Morang and Sunsari District. We will then escalate this to another level for transferring knowledge, skill and technology and financial investment to the motherland.  We offer all to obtain membership in order to be a registered member of this organization. 

At the conclusion; MOSU movement arrived as KSA as new but it is globally renowned already in the field of social work and social entrepreneurship. Therefore, we can say that our umbrella is strong enough to prevent thunderous rain. We are established to follow and achieve the objectives and goals of MOSU, therefore will be working to institutionalize this organization in KSA in closed coordination with Embassy of Nepal, NRNA and other social organizations. We seek support from all social activists and professional personnel to make our movement success.

Thank you. 

Hem Subedi 

President (2020-2022)